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fantasia: working process

Updated: Mar 26, 2022

I write here a bit more about my composition for bass flute and analog synthesizer.

See also my previous post to get a more complete picture.

I started to work on it more than one year ago. Then the lockdown of 2021 followed and our concert in March was canceled… Last autumn, some months ago I came back to it.

I had some initial ideas for flute as well as electronics already, but, after having revised

them I realized that they didn't satisfy me anymore… More decisively than before I started to investigate the analog synthesizer KORG minilogue. I had access to it as the lecturer of the “creative lab” (Loomelabor) of Tartu Heino Eller Music College (Estonia).

It turned out that the minilogue was perfect in combination with an acoustic instrument. When I was done with the flute part, I disappeared into this world of endlessly inspiring and unheard sounds. You can either choose a sound here from the presets, which you can shape with help of ADSR, Delay, LFO, Filter etc. Or you can build completely new sounds with oscillators (2), and this can be really adventurous. I found some inspiring sounds from the programmed palette, which I intended to develop and modify. I saved and wrote them on the instrument and used them finally in my performance.

One of my preferred sounds was Flutes Key (046). Compared to the bass flute, it was similar and yet very different in timbre. It had a considerable noise component, which allowed me to smoothly flow from acoustic flute sound into the "artificial" one. I shaped four further versions of the original Flutes Key.

I will continue with MY sounds of minilogue in my next posts. Stay tuned!

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